An Elegant Life Starts From A Wrinkle Free Garment.

How To Choose The Best Clothes Steamers?

A garment steamer, also known as a clothes steamer, is a tool used to remove wrinkles. The device does so using high-temperature steam to relax the fibers of the cloth. It works on various kinds of fabrics and garments effortlessly and quickly.  

A garment steamer does not make contact with the cloth of fabric. It merely directs the jet of hot steam at the targeted garment that remains suspended on a hanger.

The users need to hold and aim the steam wand at the end of the hose. It should be towards the cloth and at a short distance from it.

It allows the fabric to get smoothened out without any exposure to the scorching heat. 

Top 5 Clothes Steamer of Our List

PurSteam Elite

PurSteam Elite

  • 37 Review(s)

  • Best Overall Steamer
  • 61 oz. Tank Capacity
  • Heats up in 45-60 seconds
  • 60 minutes of continuous steam
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Conair Turbo

Conair Turbo

  • 62 Review(s)

  • Best Handheld Steamer
  • 7.3 oz. Tank Capacity
  • Heats up in 40 second
  • 15 minutes of continuous steam
  • Power: 1875 watts
  • Warranty: 2 Years

iSteam MS208

iSteam MS208 Gold

  • 57 Review(s)

  • Best Travel Steamer
  • 4.05 oz. Tank Capacity
  • Heats up in 25 seconds
  • 10 minutes of continuous steam
  • Power: 900 watts
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Hilife Mini

Hilife Mini

  • 45 Review(s)

  • Best Budget Clothes Steamer
  • 8.1 oz. Tank Capacity
  • Heats up in 130 seconds
  • 15 minutes of continuous steam
  • Power: 700 watts
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Jiffy J-2000M

Jiffy J-2000M steamer

  • 39 Review(s)

  • Best Professional Steamer
  • 96 oz. Tank Capacity
  • Heats up in 2 minutes
  • 1.5 hour of continuous steam
  • Power: 1300 watt
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Cloth steamers work decently for the delicate and soft fabric. It can include silk, polyester, satin, and so on. They are also a suitable option for suit jackets and screen-printed shirts that generally proffer trouble during ironing. They can smoothen out the wrinkles of difficult-to-access parts like the sleeves and joints. 

With an almost non-existent possibility of the garment getting burnt, a garment steamer provides a safe method of acquiring wrinkle-free clothes. Additionally, they are faster, lightweight, more convenient, and require minimal storage space. 


Here is the list of top 7 fabric steamers available online…

Best Garment Steamer Overall

PurSteam Elite Standing Garment Steamer

The PurSteam Elite Standing Garment Steamer comes with both the looks and the performance. It has an aesthetical design, having a construction with huge wheels that makes it effortless to move the device. The steamer works with approximately 1500 W power and requires around 45-60 seconds to generate the steam.

This steamer is a suitable option for various fabrics, ranging from delicate ones to rough clothes. It can operate on synthetic garments, cotton, linen, and silk. 

This clothes steamer comes with a sufficiently large water tank of 61oz capacity. It allows steam generation for at least an hour, making it adequate for numerous clothes at once.

The steam temperature can rise to 248 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the hottest garment steamers. It is hot enough to smoothen out the deep-set wrinkles and folds of heavier and thicker fabrics. 


  • The device heats up exceedingly fast, reducing any wait time.
  • It has an extendable and collapsible hanger.
  • The long pole and hose of the steamer allow it to proffer access across a long distance from the plug point. 
  • It offers a five years warranty within which the parts have guaranteed repair and replacement. 
  • The device comes at a low price for all its features. 


  • The garment steamer does not come with an automatic shut-off feature. 

Who is it for?

The PurSteam Elite Standing Garment Steamer serves as a suitable option for those who need to handle multiple clothes together and within a short time.

Best Clothes Steamer for Heavy Work

PurSteam Full-Size Heavy-Duty Home Garment Steamer

The PurSteam Full-Size Heavy-Duty Home Garment Steamer is the perfect choice for household uses. It proffers an 85 oz water tank that can generate steam continuously for over an hour. It runs at 1500 W and develops the heated vapor in less than 45 seconds. The device offers four distinct steam levels that work for various fabrics and materials.

This steamer comes with a beneficial safety feature that prevents any possibility of accidents. It also proffers an adjustable hanger that can get altered to suit the different sizes of the garments. The handheld steam board available with this appliance makes the de-wrinkling of the collars, sleeves, pockets, and other difficult-to-access areas effortless and quick.  

The PurSteam Full-Size Heavy-Duty Home Garment Steamer can work with jeans, silk dresses, upholstery, carpet, and even delicate bed sheets. 


  • The integrated safety cap prevents the users from opening the top until the water inside cools down, preventing accidental burns.
  • It works fast and efficiently due to the rapid heating feature. 
  • The four steam adjustment levels help control the steam pressure to enable a convenient experience. 
  • The clothes steamer comes with parts that are easy to put together. 
  • The adjustable hanger allows the device to work on several clothing sizes and types. 


  • The garment steamer does not come with an automatic shut-off feature. 

Who is it for?

The PurSteam Full-Size Heavy-Duty Home Garment Steamer is apposite for large families that need to get their garments smoothened out together and rapidly. 

Best Handheld Garment Steamer

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam

The Conair Turbo Extreme Steam is the best choice among all the other types of handheld garment steamer present in the market. It utilizes Advances Steam Technology that allows the steam temperature to get up to 50% hotter than other similar products. It requires 40 seconds to heat up and generate the steam, providing it continuously for approximately 15 minutes. Thus, it can deliver exceedingly fast results.

This clothes steamer works with a water tank of 7.3 ounces. It comes with an integrated creaser that aids in removing unwanted folds. The appliance can stand on a flat and level surface without any support. It has a 3-in-1 attachment that comprises a silicone handle, a bristle brush, and a fabric spacer. 


  • The creaser opens with a mere flick of the finger. It helps get rid of stubborn wrinkles in pants, dresses, and so on.
  • The silicone band pulls the fabric taut to proffer better results during the steaming process. 
  • The fabric spacer protects the delicate fabrics and their trims from getting burnt. 
  • The bristle brush ensures the adequate penetration of steam by loosening the fibers. It works perfectly even for thick and heavy clothes.  
  • The quilted steamer plate composed of aluminum acts as iron for the fresh-pressed appearance. 


  • The clothes steamer may spit out the hot water. 

Who is it for?

The Conair Turbo Extreme Steam is a decent choice for individuals who have to deal with a few yet thick clothes that require powerful steam. 

Rowenta DR8120 X-cel Handheld Steamer

The Rowenta DR8120 X-cel Handheld Steamer, boasting 1600 W power, proffers a powerful steam discharge. With its two separate steam settings, it can take care of any cloth. With a heating plate composed of cast aluminium coated with ceramic, this garment steamer provides excellent results along with quick heating that finishes within 40 seconds.

The clothes steamer features a water tank of 190 ml with an effortless filling process and an extended cord of 3 m length. It allows the users to remove the wrinkles in solely a single vertical motion. It can get owed to the heated soleplate technology and device design. The other additional accessories comprise a steam bonnet, door hook, crease attachment, and fabric brush. 


  • The garment steamer offers a steam flow at 20 g/min at the Delicate level for frail clothes and 26 g/min at the Super Turbo level for thick and heavy garments. 
  • The steam locker and the long cord do not exert any movement constrictions. 
  • The fabric brush eases the use of the device on heavy fabrics and the steam bonnet, delicate ones.
  • The door hook makes it easy to hang the clothes during the steaming process.
  • The crease attachment helps remove the wrinkles on pants and jackets perfectly. 


  • The garment steamer tends to spit hot water occasionally. 

Who is it for?

The Rowenta DR8120 X-cel Handheld Steamer serves as a worthwhile product for those who do not own an ironing board but require a last-moment perfect steam job. 

Best Garment Steamer For Travel

iSteam MS208 Gold Luxury Edition

The iSteam MS208 Gold Luxury Edition has an appealing design with several features that make it perfect for use during travels. It employs an electronic pump system that allows the clothes steamer to spray the steam at multiple angles without spilling or splashing any water onto the user.

It uses a power capacity of 900 W, heating the water and starting steam generation in less than 25 seconds. It lasts for about 10 minutes. 

This steamer offers a larger plate surface than its peers to enable a wrinkle-free garment during on-road journeys. It permits the appliance to cover broader surfaces faster and more efficiently. Additionally, it comes with a built-in water filter.

The clothes steamer is lightweight and compact. Thus, it can fit in small and cramped spaces, using up minimal storage area. 


  • The device comes with an automatic shut-down system and feature that switches the machine off after a particular time when it is not in use. 
  • It has a spill-proof technology that prevents the hot water from getting splashed onto the user. 
  • The filter has a nano-polymer that removes most of the harmful particles from tap water. Thus, it does not damage the clothes. 
  • The water tank is resistant to scale build-up. 
  • The product is lightweight, making it suitable for travel purposes. 


  • This garment steamer is relatively more expensive than other similar products.

Who is it for?

The iSteam MS208 Gold Luxury Edition is the best clothes steamer for use during journeys. 

Best Budget Friendly Clothes Steamer

Hilife Mini Travel Steamer

For a cost-friendly travel clothes steamer, the Hilife Mini Travel Steamer provides the best choice. Even for a low price, it does not compromise on any of its features.

With a 700 W power and a 240 ml water tank, this steamer produces sufficient steam that lasts 15 minutes. It takes approximately two minutes to heat the water. This steam is adequate to smoothen out the wrinkles of at least 2-3 garments.

This garment steamer comes with a 9 feet power cord that allows users to operate the device far from the power source. Due to its compact nature, it can fit in small areas. The additional accessories include a brush that works on thicker and heavier clothes. 


  • The long power cord provides access and power supply even if there is an extensive distance between the clothes and the power source. 
  • The compact dimensions of the garment steamer add to its lightweight nature, making it easy to carry and store during travel.
  • The steam production lasts for a sufficient time, allowing the users to de-wrinkle the necessary garments effortlessly and flawlessly. 
  • For the price at which it gets offered, the product proffers multiple convenient features. 
  • It has a humble but reliable design.


  • If the appliance gets tilted more than 45 degrees, it tends to leak the water. 

Who is it for?

The Hilife Mini Travel Steamer is perfect for those who have constraints on their pockets but require a garment steamer during their travels. 

Best Professional Garment Steamer

Jiffy J-2000M

The Jiffy J-2000M serves as a garment steamer that is exceedingly suitable for professional use. It offers options for a metal head or a plastic head. It works with a stainless steel heating element with a solid brass housing that runs on a power of 1300 W.

This component heats a significant amount of water in the water tank in under 2 minutes. The steam gets produced and generated continuously and constantly. 

This clothes steamer can work on various types of garments. It can comprise delicate fabrics such as silk, cashmere, and wool. However, it remains tough on the creases and wrinkles. 


  • The metal head proffers enhanced durability, and the plastic one provides a lightweight appliance. 
  • The machine is durable and can last for a long time. 
  • The four caster wheels present at the base allow the users to move the entire garment steamer from one place to another without any effort. 
  • The auto shut-off feature adds to the safety factors by switching the device off when the clothes steamer is not in use. 
  • The 2.8 L water tank can store a considerable quantity of water, allowing the steam generation to last for an hour and a half. 


  • The device may splash out water sometimes. 
  • The metal screws at the joint may become hot due to the steam temperature. 

Who is it for?

The Jiffy J-2000M is suitable for individuals who seek a garment steamer that they can use for heavy-duty applications and extended periods.

Clothes Steamer Buyer Guide

How To Choose The Right Steamer For Your Needs?

With several clothes steamers available in the market, the question of which one to choose comes inevitably. It is because multiple features reserved for the different garment steamers exist. The final decision should depend on the buyer’s requirements and conveniences.

During the purchase, the must-consider factors and parameters include:

Steam Level or Setting

A delicate fabric will require low steam, and a heavy and thick garment will need a powerful and constant steam supply. The choice of steamer should depend on the type of clothes the buyer has to handle. 

The Capacity of Water Tank

Some individuals may need to steam 2-3 clothes while others, around 20. The capacity of the water tank will determine the quantity of water heated and the duration of steam generation. 

Auto Shut-Off Feature

Auto shut-off is a safety feature that shuts the garment steamer down once it gets dry and not in use. It prevents overheating and saves energy. Those who are concerned about hazards can go for this feature. 

Appliance Weight

It is best if the individuals who wish to use the clothes steamer during travel choose a lightweight product. It allows them to carry the device effortlessly and pack them in their bags without increasing the carrier’s bulk. 

Effect on the Fabric

Not all garment steamers are suitable for use on every fabric. Some may have adverse effects on delicate materials like silk, nylon, and cotton. Thus, the safest option is to choose a product that works for all fabrics perfectly. 


A garment steamer is an excellent example of technological advent and development that aids in the day-to-day life of numerous people. It acts as an alternative to clothing iron, proffering a faster and more efficient output. 

Several steamers, each available for a particular purpose, exist in the market. An individual can choose one from among them that suits their requirements and preferences. For overall performance, they can go with the PurSteam Elite Standing Garment Steamer. 

For pocket-friendly options, the Hilife Mini Travel Steamer is a good choice. Other selection criteria include traveling, handheld devices, heavy-duty applications, and so on. 


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