Best Commercial Fabric Steamers of 2022

Professional garment steamers are built to last, but they have to be taken care of.

A garment steamer is an amazing tool to have on hand. It is so easy to use and can be utilized by anyone. It is very useful when you get ready and want your clothes to look well-pressed and professional.

A garment steamer works very quickly and removes all the wrinkles from your clothes. It gets rid of any possible creases and makes the fabric completely smooth and seamless.

Jiffy J-4000 Garment Steamer

Jiffy J-4000 Garment Steamer

This is a good, heavy-duty steamer if you are looking for something to use regularly. It is of basic size, has a die-cast aluminium body, and has a five-and-a-half-foot-long hose.

It also comes with a big water tank that can hold approximately one gallon of water. With a supply of 1500 watts of power, this garment steamer can produce a good amount of steam and have a continuous flow for around 2 hours.

It can be said that the Jiffy J-4000 commercial steamer can be relied upon because it is also used by professionals in the clothing industry around the world.

It provides a few options regarding the material of the steamer head. Besides plastic steam heads with smooth wooden handles, metal steam heads are also available. You can go for whichever one you prefer the most.

The steam head made of metal is built to be more durable and will serve you for a longer time. It is stronger and also has the amazing quality of retaining heat for a longer time. This feature is particularly helpful.

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It gives the added advantage of creasing pants or the sleeves of shirts. It also provides convenience in removing older and tougher wrinkles from the fabric. One possible disadvantage, though, is that since the head is made of metal, it feels a little heavier and gets heated up faster. So, you will have to be careful while using it.  

Also, since it is a little heavy, your arms may need rests in between. However, you can think of it as a workout for your arm that you can do while taking regular breaks whenever you get tired.

This is the most common complaint that users have given regarding the material of the steamer head. So you’ll have to keep this in mind while deciding if you like the metal one better or the plastic head of the steamer. The plastic one is lighter in comparison and will be easier to use as it will not tire your arms out. 

One feature that I found particularly useful about the Jiffy J-4000 commercial steamer is its function where the machine goes into standby mode. By using this function, you can take a break without worrying that you might run out of steam.

You can always take a rest and come back to steaming your clothes from where you had left. If we talk about warranty, this garment steamer has an impressive warranty period of 3 years which is pretty sufficient for a standard commercial steam machine. 

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Final Feedback

Most people know the Jiffy garment steamer well, and it is a commonly agreed-upon fact that it is durable. Since it has been manufactured in the USA, the steamer is of good quality, and it is built for lasting for a long time, possibly even a few decades. You may never have to buy another such machine in your lifetime. 

In conclusion, it is a simple machine with a simple design that is best for ease of use. It has its pros and cons, but its good quality cannot be overlooked. Also, a piece of additional information for those who are attracted to pretty colors.

This steam machine comes in a very pretty light pink color, which may look good in your home and attract praise from your family and friends. 

Vornado VS-570 Commercial Steamer

Vornado VS-570 Commercial Steamer

This commercial steamer is a solid and worthy competitor of the Jiffy J-4000 steamer. It has a body made of die-cast aluminum and has a boiler made out of solid brass. The Vornado commercial steamer also has a 3-year warranty like the Jiffy though it has a more stylish design as compared to it. 

A very good feature that this steam machine has is that it can choose between two settings for steam. These include a high or low setting. If you use it at the lower setting, the machine will operate well at 900 watts.

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This setting is used for more lightweight and fragile fabrics. Some examples could be finer silk, chiffon, lace, and so on. For such items, the low flow of steam works very well. The other setting, which is high, operates at a power of 1500 watts.

It has a steady and strong flow of steam which is best to use when eliminating tougher wrinkles.

This steamer’s thoughtful feature is that it allows the user to detach the tank of water from the machine. In doing so, you can see how much water you have available to use before you have to refill it.

Final Feedback

Almost all customers of the Vornado steamer are happy and satisfied with its performance and features. Therefore, it is safe to see that it is a good enough machine which serves the user’s requirements. 

Compared to the Jiffy J-4000 steamer, the Vornado steamer costs about the same.

Jiffy J-4000 vs Vornado VS-570 Differences

So there are a few differences that can be drawn between the above two commercial steamers. The first relates to how much time they take to heat up. While the Jiffy J-4000 steam machine takes 15 minutes, the Vornado is much faster in this aspect and requires only two. 

The second difference is that while the Jiffy steam machine has been manufactured in the USA, the other one comes from China. 

Some other options

There are some other commercial steamers available in the market too. You could try out those from Rowenta or VIVIO. They have the same features as the Jiffy and Vornado; however, Rowenta suggest using tap water in steamer which is quite questionable also Rowenta’s professional steamers comes with only 1 year warranty.

Still interested to buy Rowenta? Then check my detailed Rowenta Garment Steamer Reviews.

On the other hand VIVIO looks like a Chinese version of Jeffy with same 1300 watt power and 3 year warranty. Therefore, there is no reason not to buy a “made in the USA” jeffy.


In my opinion, the Jiffy J-4000 is the best commercial garment steamer in the market. It is good for steaming bigger and heavier clothing as well as lighter and more delicate fabrics.

It provides more options in its look and design and has a good-sized tank that can hold a sufficient amount of water. It is the best thing to have at home or use for commercial purposes.

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