Can Clothes Steamers Kill Bed Bugs?

It becomes a necessity to find an effective way to kill the bugs. The perfect solution is right inside your home. The usage of a cloth steamer can be quite helpful in the treatment of bed bugs. Steam can prevent the infestation of bugs and can help to kill them.

A particular temperature for the steam has to be ensured for the effective killing of bugs. The cloth steamers are usually heated to a temperature of 131 Fahrenheit. The proper usage of steam can help in the complete removal of bed bugs in all the stages of its life.

It hardly takes about 20 minutes to get rid of them if the steam is used at a proper temperature capable of getting rid of them.

Life cycle of bed bugs

How to Use Steam to Clean Bed Bugs

The process for the removal of bugs is quite simple and easy to do. The process can be easily started by the removal of linen from the bed. Now, this has to be put inside the heat dryer for a time of about 90 minutes.

Due to the high-temperature exposure to the bugs, it is capable of removing them effectively.

After the bugs have been removed, the linen must be properly washed and dried. The next step involves the vacuuming of the mattresses and ensuring that the process is carried out accurately on all the surfaces of the mattresses to ensure effective cleaning.

After the complete vacuuming of the Mattresses, they must be removed from the bed frame, and vacuuming the underside is also preferable.

Steam can only kill those bugs it comes in contact with. If the bed bugs are located deep inside the mattresses, a thorough treatment of the mattress will be needed to ensure that all the bed bugs come out of the inner side of the mattresses.

The head of the steamer must be run at a rate of 1 inch per second, and then a complete scanning of the mattress must be performed to ensure that the bed bugs are effectively removed.

If the mattresses have many creases, the steam can kill the hidden bugs. Unless the steam gets in contact with the bed bugs at a particular temperature of 131 Fahrenheit or more, effective removal of the bugs cannot be ensured.

Now the mattress has to be completely dried, and it can be easily done by keeping it under a fan. Always ensure that the mattress is completely dry before it is placed back into the bed frame.

Can a Hairdryer work effectively in the removal of bed bugs?


The heat provided by a hairdryer is not very effective and hence might not kill the bugs that come in contact with it. The dryer can help to bring the hidden bugs on the surface and drive them out of the hidden areas like creases or crevices.

Placing the heat on the bugs for a time of nearly 30 seconds shall suffice to kill them effectively. After the bugs have appeared on the surface, they can be easily killed by using a clothes steamer for the effective removal of the bed bugs.

If the bugs are present in your clothes, a thorough washing can ensure the removal of the bugs. A high temperature might not be safe for all the clothes as there are chances of shrinkage occurring in the clothes. So you can wash the clothes in warm water and then dry them in the dryer.

Suitable temperature for the effective killing of bugs

It is important to ensure that the steamer is heated to a temperature above 131 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature ensures that the eggs and the live bugs that are present get killed in no time. The same job can be performed by the home steamers as well.

If this temperature is not maintained, the time required to kill them can be quite long. As the temperature of the steam increases, the bugs can be killed in a short time. Selecting the most effective steamer for removing bed bugs can be quite confusing.

Suitable temperature for killing Bed bugs

A multipurpose steamer can be very helpful for the removal of bugs as well. Hence one will be able to get a large steam output and a larger area of steam.

Thus a garment steamer can be very useful in removing bugs since it can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Hence it indeed serves as an effective and natural way for the effective removal of bed bugs.

One can get rid of the bugs quickly if the right temperature is maintained and the steam is laid out thoroughly on the intended surface.

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  1. Great tips Delaney, Steam is a successful treatment that helps in killing bed bugs. However, eradicating bed bugs doesn’t mean that you just have to blast certain areas with steam. Thanks for the tips…

  2. Yes, extremely high temperatures can kill bed bugs in all life stages. However, you might need a professional steam cleaner to do so. Latest steamers like Rowenta can do the work at home. Great guide though…

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