Best Steamer for Curtains and Drapes [2022 Update]

The curtain steamers remove wrinkles and germs from curtain and drapes very easy and manageable, which is also handy to use.

We generally recommend people to use handheld fabric steamer for curtain and drapes as these will allow you to reach at the top of the curtains which is not possible in standing or commercial steamers.

Following models are the top choices in “steamers for curtain” category:

Jiffy J-4000D – Professional Drapery Steamer

This is the professional drapery steamer which is a full-sized clothing steamer used commercially.

Jiffy J-4000D Features

  • 1500-watt incoloy heating element (120 volts for North America usage only)
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Preheating and steam settings.
  • Two feet lengthier than the standard Jiffy steamers having a 7.5 feet steaming hose.


  • After preheating, it will steam for two hours.
  • Can also be used on linen, furniture, and clothing.
  • Both plastic steam heads and metal steam heads are available.
  • The colors available are beige and pink.


  • It takes time to heat up, usually up to 15 minutes.
  • Longer than other jiffy steamers.
  • The metal head is usually used for possessing heat to get wrinkles removed but as it will be heavy, the plastic head is preferred by many users. 

Bottom line

Jiffy steamer are “made in USA” steamer so be assured with the quality of the product. These professional fabric steamer available in pink and beige colors. Get the best deal with jiffy steamers. It will be a worthwhile investment. 

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Conair Turbo Extreme Steam

The best fabric steamer for promptly smoothing out the wrinkles, killing almost all germs, and wiping out dust from the curtains and garments. 

Conair Turbo Extreme Features

  • Very efficient to use.
  • Quick heat up within 40 seconds.
  • 7.3-ounce water tank for up to 15 minutes of continual steam.
  • It has three in one attachment.
  • 1875 watts of power and five steam settings.


  • Better than some full-size steamers.
  • Soleplate coated with ceramic for exceptional heat distribution.
  • The power cord is 12 feet long.


  • The water tank is small at 7.8 oz.
  • The warranty period is less, only up to 12 months.
  • We need to stop and refill the water tank in between the curtains. 

Bottom line

The Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer is the most powerful and fastest steaming tool on today’s market. The 1875 Watt generator produces steam hotter than ever before, reaching up to 365°F (185 °C)! This results in faster cleanup time for your clothes as well as better wrinkles reduction!

Dodocool Handheld Steamer

The reliable product to be purchased is a powerful handheld steamer working very well for curtains and drapes, soft furnishings, and various types of clothing.

Dodocool Features

  • Very efficient to use.
  • It has 1800 watts of power with good steam output.
  • The typical steam output is about 25 grams of steam per minute.
  • Two steam settings and additional steam boost function.


  • Removes the wrinkles.
  • Perfect product for alternating between light curtains and heftier drapes. 
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically without any leakage. 
  • Has long cords to reach efficiently to the top of the curtains and drapes.


  • Comes with no attachment like fabric brush.
  • The warranty period is limited to only 12 months. 

Bottom line

Dodocool is best suitable for heavier drapes and lighter curtains, effective on stubborn wrinkles as well. This steamer works efficiently and effectively, giving the best results. It’s certainly good to buy this product.

Rowenta DR8120 Handheld Steamer

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs, clean your whole household involving curtains and furniture.

Rowenta DR8120 Features

  • Fast and potent
  • Heated metal faceplate.
  • 1600 watts of power with 26 grams per minute of steam.
  • Ready to use within 40 seconds.
  • 9.84 foot power cord.


  • Two steam levels are available: delicate and turbo.
  • The delicate steam level works well for curtains that require less heat, such as lace or chiffon, while the turbo works well for heavier curtains.
  • Can be used in both horizontal and vertical position.
  • Come with four accessories.
  • An over-the-door hook is also included. 


  • Small water tank.
  • Feels heavy after few minutes of use.

Bottom line

The incredible product of choice for curtains and drapes. The two steaming levels are handy. We would not recommend you to use for traveling. It comes with 4 attachments: Steam bonnet, fabric brush, door hook and a crease attachment is also included, which is not mandatory for curtains specially but useful when it come to steamer garments.

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Electrolux Portable Handheld Steamer

The best and effective appliance. This product is certainly reliable to remove the creases efficiently.

Electrolux Features

  • Comes with an 8-foot port cord, fabric brush, lint brush, and steam nozzle.
  • The large detachable water tank of 300 ml for 18 minutes continuous steaming.
  • Has durable quality.
  • 12-foot cord, 1500 watts of power.
  • Multiple steam settings.
  • Electromagnetic steam pump to push high volume.


  • Ceramic coated soleplate.
  • Good packaging.
  • Two steam settings.
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically.
  • No leaking, no spilling.
  • Compact and easy to handle.


  • Should be used with proper safety.

Bottom line

An ideal home appliance for removing wrinkles of the curtains and drapes.

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Black and Decker Handheld Steamer

This is the best fabric steamers for the curtains.

Black and Decker Features

  • Auto shutoff
  • Continuous steam that melts any wrinkles just quickly. 
  • 15 ft cord.
  • The wattage is 1400 watts 
  • Turbo boost function


  • Two years warranty.
  • Easy to follow the user guide.
  • Easy to reach on the top of curtains.
  • Comes with all necessary attachments.
  • Gets tenacious wrinkles out.
  • Auto switches off when not in use for 15 minutes.


  • Not as good as other steamers.

Bottom line

The most reliable handheld device and most efficient to use. 

Bizond Mini Garment Steamer

The home garment steamer has all the ideal features required for the best experience of usage.

Bizond Mini Features

  • Quick and powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient
  • Less expensive than other steamers
  • 9.8 feet long cord
  • 900 watts power


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Fabric brush attachment for removing dust and relaxing fibers in the curtain fibers.
  • Easy to reach the top of the curtains.
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Easy to carry
  • Best for lace or sheer curtains.


  • The steam output is not so good; therefore, it takes more time to steam.
  • Less efficient than other steamers.

Bottom line

This steamer is a great choice product and very profitable too.

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Reliable Dash 150 GHB Portable Garment Steamer

A great choice of product and price worthy.

Reliable Dash 150 GHB Features

  • Lightweight
  • Auto shutoff
  • Easily removes wrinkles
  • Continuous steam
  • One-touch control
  • Portable wrinkle remover


  • Handheld steamer with a fabric brush.
  • This is a portable garment steamer that heats up in 30 seconds
  • Ceramic someplace with enhanced durability and proper heat distribution.
  • No leak technology


  • Water container is quite small compared to other steamers.
  • it is hard to fill up.

Bottom line

The best product for the general application. It is not recommended for heavy duty work. 

Pursteam 1400-watt steamer

The easy and safe product to be used to remove wrinkles from the clothes.

Pursteam 1400-watt Features

  • Travel-friendly product.
  • Easy to handle
  • Efficient to use.
  • Safe while usage.
  • 1400 watt power
  • Quick heat up
  • Detachable water tank
  • Come with a measure filler cup 
  • 2 in 1 brush is also included.


  • It is convenient
  • It is the most efficient product to be used to remove wrinkles almost quickly.
  • It is lighter in weight 
  • Perfect usage while traveling


  • Trigger area gets hot by excessive uses.

Bottom line

Carry this travel-friendly steamer any time anywhere.

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  2. I am using Rowenta steamer for my curtains from a long time. They are the best for curtains because they heat up really fast and easy to use. Will recommend to beginners as well…

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