My Garment Steamer Is Not Working – How Do I fix It?

There are pros and cons to electrical appliances. When you first acquire one, you will discover how easy life can be.

If it breaks however, life becomes much harder, It’s like being in a horror movie. You may have an emergencies or any urgent meetings where you appearance does matter.

If you have a steamer that stops working, it is possible to troubleshoot and repair your steamer. 

We will help you deal with the problems and malfunctions of the garment steamer. We would talk about the most common issues faced by the people using this device and their solutions.

Out Of Steam

At first, a new and fresh steamer is not going to generate steam immediately. It might be because there is no circulation of water in the system. Hopefully, it occurs when we use it for the first time. This problem can be resolved by holding down the trigger for about a minute so that water can start circulating.

garment steamer out of steam

If the same problem is arising in the old steamer, lack of water might be a reason. Check the water tank inside the machine and refill it if empty. If this is not the reason, the manufacturers may have wrongly positioned the reservoir while installing it within the device. So try to take the water tank out and place it correctly.

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No Electricity/Power

If your garment steamer is not switching on, this might be because of an issue with the power outlet. Sometimes fuse blows off, which leads to a short circuit and cuts the power off.

Garment steamer out of power

Once check the breaker box to know whether if everything is well or not. If all is in working order, then there are chances that the plug is not pushed completely into the wall or prongs have bent. If these are not the reasons, there is a possibility of corrosion on the plug’s prongs. Change the prongs to solve the issue.

Not Heating Up

Make it clear that the steamers do not get heated up instantly after turning on. It takes approximately 45 seconds or sometimes a minute to get heated up to steam the water properly.

Most steamers have a light on the top that flashes when the steamer is turned on and flashes off when the steamer is ready to use. Pay attention to that light if your garment steamer is equipped with a light.

Strange Noise And Droplets Of Condensation

At times, droplets appear on the head of the garment steamer, making an unusual commotion that affects the machine’s working. These signs show that there are some issues with the steam hose placed inside the device.

garment steamer head making noise

Moreover, there is a chance that this hose gets bent which hinders the flow of steam. To solve this issue, lift the tube so that no part is bent and steam flows without any hindrance. Once the tube is placed correctly, there would not be any droplets and unusual noises.

There is a chance that you are handling the garment steamer in the wrong manner. It means that if you have a vertical steamer that you are using horizontally or horizontal steamer handled vertically, it might cause droplets and strange noises.

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Limescale Buildup

You might notice that the steam from your garment steamer brings the output of fragmentary bursts. You will find a white color buildup inside your device.

This buildup is known as limescale which is a result of minerals released from the water after steaming. Some steamers have already installed the de-calcify setting that solves this issue automatically. But if your steamer doesn’t have a pre-installed feature, you will have to clean it yourself.

Limescale Buildup in Garment Steamer

Steps to clean the limescale are:

Step 1 – Switch off and unplug the machine. Leave the device idle so that it can cool down to prevent burns.

Step 2 – Mix two cups of vinegar with one cup of water. Put this mixture into the steamer with a washcloth.

Step 3 – Better to dry the cleaned part of the steamer with a paper tissue.

Step 4 – Pick the missed spots of limescale. Now your steamer is de-calcified and ready to use.

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Diagnose Before Throwing

You must have thought of throwing your steamer when it starts troubling you and get a new one to avoid the issues. But before throwing it away, diagnose the problems occurring in the steamer mentioned above so that you can get to know that there is no need to buy a new one.

These will help you a lot and save your money too.

Don’t forget to take better care of your garment steamer to avoid massive issues in the future.

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  2. I was not using distilled water and my steamer stopped working after a while. I returned it to the company and got a new one now. From now on, i’ll use distilled water only. Thanks for the guide.

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