Rowenta Garment Steamer Reviews 2021

A garment steamer is an alternative option for traditional steam irons. It helps in giving the garments a fresh look and removing the wrinkles from them.

It is a convenient and easy method compared to a traditional iron steamer, where an iron board and an iron steamer are required.

To find one of the best garment steamers in the market that takes care of quality and not quantity, you need to visit the Rowenta steamers. They provide quality products, and customer satisfaction is their priority.

There are a variety of steamers to choose from this brand. All the steamers provide top-quality service.

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Rowenta Steamer History

Rowenta is a brand that was established in 1884. It was founded in Germany. They started as a small business and quickly ended up expanding their sales. They became one of the leading brands in the market to produce household goods with innovative designs. This brand does not just produce iron steamers; they put efforts into displaying their innovative skills in other household products like vacuum cleaners and coffee makers. Rowenta is now a global brand.

Their products are not just found around regions of Germany. They are now available in different parts of the world like Asia, America, Europe, and Australia. This brand has grown exponentially because of its high manufacturing standards.

They have started partnering with some of the leading brands, such as Elite Model Look and L’Oréal. This small achievement itself explains how much this brand has grown and how much its standards have increased.

Let us take a look at a few garment steamer models of the Rowenta brand based on the customer reviews and how they can be useful:

Rowenta DR8120 X-CEL – Handheld garment steamer

Even though the design is compact, it is made for home use and not for traveling. It has a power of over 1600 watts and has two settings for the user to use it depending on their needs. It doesn’t take much time to heat, 40 seconds is enough for it to heat up. It means that you can do things at ease and a faster rate. If you are running late to the office or any such important place, this steamer will help you save time to freshen up your clothes with ease.

The two levels on the steamer are the delicate level and the super turbo level. The delicate level can be used for sensitive clothes that should be given utmost care. The steam flow will be 20g/min. Super turbo level is used for clothes made of thick materials and needs a little pressure to iron. The steam flow at this level will be around 26g/min. The other feature of this garment steamer is that it comes with a water tank that can hold up to 190ml of water. It is removable as well. With the help of this water tank, you can steam iron 3-4 clothes at one go. 

It has a long extended power cord for easier usage that allows you to carry the steamer around to different areas in the house. The cord of the steamer is 3 meters or 9.84 feet long. The soleplate of the steam iron is made of heated aluminum. With the help of these features, it is easy to de-wrinkle any fabric regardless of the material. It also has an additional feature of fabric brush and a Velcro power cord storage.

Most of the customers love the feature of the extra-long cord that gives them the freedom to move the steamer around different areas of the house. It allows them to even use it on furniture and thick fabrics of blazers and coats. Some customers are not satisfied as it is too bulky to fit into their bags or suitcases when they try to travel. This steamer was designed for household purposes and not for travel. But overall, customers are satisfied with the performance of the steamer as it can de-wrinkle most types of fabrics, and it is a perfect steamer for a household.

Rowenta IS6200 – Compact Valet

When you need to steam your curtains, fabrics, or any upholstery and looking for a device that is easy to move around for you to steam your fabrics, then Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet is the answer. This device is designed for the convenience of moving it around without much trouble. It is like a vacuum cleaner or a suitcase that can be moved around from place to place. It has an on/off operation, which can be operated by foot without bending down each time you have to turn the steamer on or off. This feature of the steamer makes it unique from most other steamers in the market. It also has a large transparent water tank which is removable. It can continuously steam as many clothes as possible and continuously for more than one hour with the help of the large water tank. 

This steamer comes with a steam head that is extra-large that supports the strong flow of steam. It has a built-in hanger with a telescopic pole which is easy to adjust. It has a power of 1500 watts to freshen or straighten out stubborn wrinkles. It also has a flexible fabric hose that would help in combating strong wrinkles. This steamer also comes with additional features or accessories that would help in improving the performance. It comes with a fabric brush, lint pad, and crease attachment for pants. This steamer is easy to assemble as well.

The customers have reviewed that this product effectively removes stubborn wrinkles on any fabric, such as normal fabrics, curtains, or upholsteries. The large water tank and the movability of the device are two features that have received the highest reviews. They also feel that the handles get hot over time when used continually for an hour without a break. Some customers also reviewed that the telescopic pole hanger could be a little longer. If you live in a big house or the number of members in the family is huge and want to take good care of your fabrics, and upholsteries the IS6200 is a recommended option as it can remove wrinkles on any fabric. It is the best solid option for a household purpose.

Rowenta IS6520 – Master

This garment steamer is an upgraded version of the Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet. It has the most appreciated features of the IS6200 like the easy-to-move-around design, large wheels for easier movement of the device, and the on/off feature, which can be easily accessed by foot. It almost has all the features of the IS6200. It has a transparent removable water tank as well. The power of the steamer is also the same as the compact valet version, 1500 watts. This power is ideal for any household purpose steamer.

Since it is an upgraded version of the IS6200. The IS6520 has taken into account the issues that the older version had. It has worked on those areas and tried to improve it and developed IS6520 based on customer feedback. Unlike the older version, where it just had a large head, this version is equipped with a metal delta head which is useful for reaching out on some areas of fabric and upholstery that are hard to reach. The IS6200 had a major issue with the handle heating up, especially when it is not given many breaks. IS6520 resolves this issue by providing an insulation layer on the fabric hose. It also has a feature of 360-degree rotation that helps you reach every side of fabric or furniture without having to change your position.

The water tank can hold around one gallon of water that helps you steam as many fabrics as you want in one go. It also heats up quickly, 45 seconds is enough for the steamer to heat up, making things easier for people. You don’t have to spend a huge amount on this steamer, but the quality of service it provides is top-notch. It works well on any thick fabrics, furniture, and curtains. So, this would be a go-to wrinkle remover for any clothes.

The customers are really satisfied with the efficiency of the IS6520 as it is useful to remove wrinkles on any fabric and any surfaces. It also has a good reputation for its ease of access and usage. People are amazed at the feature of quick heating up compared to normal irons as it saves a lot of their time. This is a cost-effective and user-friendly steamer, especially for users in the cities. Some users feel that the pole could be a little taller as they find it short. But apart from this, they don’t find many issues with the IS6520 steamer. This steamer is the best for households with a lot of clothes and upholsteries. Although it may not be very ideal for tall people, just like how the IS6200 was.

Rowenta IS6300 – Professional grade steamer

This is also a full-size steamer. Like the previous versions of the Rowenta steamers, this steamer also has a few features that are the same. The IS6300 can also accommodate up to one gallon of water in their removable water tank for easier convenience. There is no requirement to fill up the tank with distilled water. Using the tap water directly would also work just fine. This steamer also has the feature of an easy tilt and roll system that allows the user to move the steamer around places or rooms. This also has an adjustable telescopic pole that can fit clothing of any size.

There are a few new additional features for the IS6300. It is an upgraded steamer design with more innovative features. It has changed the game in the market of steamers for the Rowenta brand. This steamer provides a surface to press or steam iron the fabric. This reduces the hassle of holding down the fabric or holding the fabric tight while steaming it. This is possible with the built-in roll-and-press feature, providing a stable vertical support stand to hold the fabric or clothes. The IS6300 has a power of 1550 watts which is higher than most of the previous versions of steamers. Since the device is bigger and can steam a bigger pile of clothes, the heating time is also slightly longer than the other Rowenta garment steamers. It takes around 60 seconds to heat up.

The output of the steam is 30g/min. The hose of the steam is also well insulated to protect from heat and resist them. Like the other Rowenta steamers, even this steamer comes with additional accessories like a lint pad, fabric brush, and steam bonnet. It has a large steam head for ease of use. It can remove wrinkles from any fabric. It also has a feature of a cool-touch handle to avoid getting yourself burnt. The cord of this steamer is long and also retractable.

The customer feedback says that most of the users or customers are satisfied and happy with the product’s performance. They appreciate the feature of the steamer’s fast turnaround times that allow them to steam several pieces of clothing at one go. The ease of use of the steamer and easy to assemble feature are two things that customers loved the most about the IS6300. Customers prefer to use this over the normal irons to give a perfect look for sensitive or any thick clothes. The IS6300 also has the same drawback as the previous two steamers did. It is not meant for tall people as the handlebar is short. If that could be made taller, it would support every user. Some customers have also reviewed that the wheels are sometimes sticky on the hardwood floor and carpets, and it is difficult to move the device around on such surfaces. You can save up a lot by not giving your clothes to a dry cleaner and having perfectly ironed clothes with the help of IS6300.


Rowenta brand has changed the game in the garment steamers market. It provides affordable yet high-quality steamers that are perfect for many households. Many people prefer these garment steamers over the traditional ironing methods. It not only help in ironing normal or sensitive clothes. It also supports removing the wrinkles in any furniture, curtains, blazers, or any thick materials. For getting these types of thick materials pressed, you will have to spend some amount on the dry cleaners. With the help of the Rowenta garment steamers, you can save your money and time as well. It doesn’t require much time to remove wrinkles from your blazers and shirts on the go.

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